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Brandon Moryl

Owner I Mortgage Consultant

Brandon Moryl is the owner of multiple small businesses including Iconic Homes, Iconic Rentals and Iconic Home Loans. He also has four kids ranging from newborn to thirteen. Some would say that he likes to stay busy!! During his over two decades being involved with real estate he's managed to try out the various field's within "Real Estate". He's been a licensed Realtor, general contractor and has been trained in all the various trades including HVAC, Electric, Plumbing, Welding. From an early age he always knew real estate was his calling so it's only fitting that he now runs a home building and a mortgage company. He feels that with these two companies in particular he will be able to have the largest impact in helping those achieve the American dream of purchasing a home or being one step closer to financial freedom with refinancing. Brandon has also been a huge supporter of those that wish to invest in real estate and has helped hundreds of people in doing so. When he is not busy with work and his kids, he enjoys spending time at the lake boating or being in the woods riding side by sides. As an eternal optimist he still thinks he may make one last cage fighting appearance (I wouldn’t buy the tickets yet though…). With his optimism and years of real estate knowledge he will ensure a smooth and easy process and make sure you are smiling all the way to the closing table.


Fun facts:

He built his first computer when he was 12 and the first motherboard he installed he fried it because he used a magnetic screwdriver...

He's in fact had many "learning opportunities" during his lifetime but attributes those to why he's able to accomplish so much today and encourages everyone to take the chances to learn when opportunity presents itself.








Some loans can be completely done from a phone.

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